About Municipal Benefits Services

The Municipal Employers Insurance Trust (“MEIT”), now operating as Municipal Benefits Services (“MBS”), was established in 1968 to provide comprehensive employee benefits programs and related administrative services to municipalities, authorities, and councils of government in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

MBS’ mission is to provide valuable and cost-effective employee benefit programs and related services to local governments through co-operative purchasing with a strong focus on effective risk management strategies to deliver long-term cost containment and superior service for our members.

The foundation of MBS is strong knowledge of government and its specialized needs. To ensure we are keenly focused on the needs of our members, MBS is governed by a very active board of nine experienced municipal managers.

Administrative services for the Trust are provided by Mockenhaupt Benefits Group.

Municipal Benefits Services offers a full array of products and services for government employees, including:

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Biometric screenings are designed to encourage members to take the necessary action to be more proactive in managing their overall health and well-being. In return, we all benefit over the long-term from being healthier and seeing lower health care costs by detecting the onset of chronic and life-threatening diseases for our members much earlier. MBS offers biometric screenings, free of charge, to all members and spouses that are covered under one of our medical programs.
HealthAdvocate will assist you to steer through matters relating to our health care system such as finding the right doctor, specialist, or hospital, scheduling appointments, transferring medical records, answering questions on newly-diagnosed conditions, resolving claims issues, and understanding covered benefits. HealthAdvocate is an independent company that provides health care advocacy services to employees and their family members.
A 24/7 NurseLine for all our employees enrolled in the MBS Medical Program is available at no cost to our member participants. This service is provided by HealthAdvocate and will replace the Blues-on-Call service provided by Highmark. The new NurseLine offers you around-the-clock access to highly-trained registered nurses who help answer questions about symptoms, medications, and treatments, as well as offer self-care guidance for non-urgent conditions. The integration of the NurseLine with the core advocacy services outlined above means our employees will have access to independent experts on any healthcare or insurance-related issue that may arise
MBS works with employers and employees to customize retirement plans which fit employee needs and life goals. We work with 401k plans, NQDCs, SDBAs and more.
MBS monitors and performs many of the ACA mandated administrative functions for our groups, such as preparing government filings, complying with employer mandates, providing tools and resources for monitoring full-time equivalents (FTEs), preparing ‘Cadillac Tax’ projections, etc.
Total benefit and compensation statements highlight the monetary value of your benefits package, including the perks that may be overshadowed by traditional benefits. These statements are not required, but providing them may increase employee morale and loyalty.
Learn what other similar employers are doing to control benefit plan and program costs.
MBS Staff will provide an experienced representative who is knowledgeable about all aspects of employee benefit plans and MBS offerings to testify as an expert witness, upon request, at arbitration hearings.

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